At the Pharmacy Department 

of Educational Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education 

was founded on September 2, 2013.

The Head of the Department Professor Fira Ludmila S.


The Head of Department: DSc in Biology, Professor Fira Ludmila S. 

Associate professors:   PhD in Chemistry Vronska L.V., 

                                     PhD in Pharmacy Chubka M.B., 

                                     PhD in Pharmacy Pidhirnyi V.V.

                                     PhD in Pharmacy Onyshkiv O.I.

 Senior laborant: Lynda O.S.


The Pharmacy Department trains professionals for pharmacy services and pharmaceutical enterprises after receiving a diploma (degree), and also trains professorial staff, personnel of the highest link ( post-graduate education). The department provides training for interns-pharmacists and magistrants-pharmacists "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy", pharmacists of the course "Management and economics of pharmacy", thematic cycles of professional improving "Analytic and Сontrol Pharmacy


E-mail:   pharmacy_nnipo@tdmu.edu.ua

Tel: 52-46-24

Address: Ruska street, 36, Ternopil, 46000

Pharmacy Department of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Rus'ka St, 36, Ternopil